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Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu of the U.S.S. Enterprise
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Name: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Age: 21
Canon: Star Trek XI
Canon point: right after his and Kirk’s successful attempt to tamper with the Romulan drill. At this point Sulu is unaware that there is another version of himself in the future, and that he is actually an alternate version that was never meant to exist. Because of Nero’s intervention, however, this Sulu was created and with that, several changes resulted in terms of Sulu’s role on the Enterprise and his relationship with his crew members. This is why Star Trek XI is sometimes referred to as the “Alternate Original Series” because they are alternate versions of their original selves.

Look at George Takei. Now to John Cho. Now back to Takei. These are not the only differences between the two incarnations of Hikaru Sulu.

Okay, now for real. Hikaru Sulu is a calm and collected star ship pilot, ranked Lieutenant in Starfleet, and as such, he is a very mature young man. He follows orders without question (unless the order is so out of this world—if you’ll excuse the Trek pun—then he’ll definitely pitch his two cents into the conversation). Sulu is goal-oriented and straightforward. He is strategic and extremely capable as part of a two-man tactical team, offering his ideas and composed support. His tone, at times, can be sarcastic, even as he is offering advice. He is extremely formal and respectful to those higher above him, referring to them as “sir”, “ma’am” or by their designated rank in Starfleet (Captain, Commander, Doctor, etc. etc.) As a pilot it is his priority to be as rational as possible, to act on precise timing and thought, to go along with his hobby of fencing. As a fighter he is deadly serious and strategic. As a crewmate he is loyal and has everyone’s back without a second thought. As a friend he is soothing and gentle, whether it be to simply sit there and be a presence, or to offer support wherever it is needed. Sulu is, in a word, competent.

He is also kind of a derp.

When not in the helmsman’s chair (and sometimes while in it, see “external inertial dampener” scene in the movie for full appreciation of his derpiness), Sulu is smiling and cheerful, often seen practicing fencing or working happily in the botanical garden on the ship (though neither are shown in the AOS, but rather in the original series. However, they are two aspects that have defined Sulu throughout the decades and thus shall remain in this incarnation of him, as is sure to happen in the coming films). Quite a few people wonder about him sometimes—in the good way, of course. He sees things with a very optimistic light when not in a serious situation (such as, for example, the ship almost being blasted into kingdom come). He is very proud of his qualities and wears that pride well. All of these seemingly conflicting traits are what make Sulu so unique in the Star Trek universe.

Name: Sage

Form: a fencing foil

  • Clear Mind- reminiscent of its flower-based name, it can spread a sense of wisdom and the wielder will be calmer and more logical
  • +10 Agility
  • +3 Offense
  • +8 Durability
  • Defy Gravity- wielder will feel lighter, and as such find it easier to do maneuvers such as backflips or long jumps

Lost memories:
  • 1 - names of flowers
  • 2 – San Francisco (his hometown)
  • 3 – Ensign Pavel Chekov’s middle name
  • 4 – his first flight as a child
  • 5 – the Enterprise’s serial number
  • 6 – his first two years at Starfleet Academy
  • 7 – which shoe goes on which foot
  • 8 – the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody
  • 9 – how to backflip
  • 10 – whistling


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